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People are idiots. Not all people of course, just a few that you must relate to on a regular basis due to circumstances beyond your control. They come across as superior and condescending when they are most often wrong in their assessment. They are confidently incorrect. (Idiots) The natural response […]

How To Use Verbal Jiu-Jitsu

I lose things. I misplace my pen without getting out of the chair. It’s amazing. Someone call Guinness. I lose my glasses, wallet, phone and, most often, my keys. And it’s usually when I am in a mad dash and have to be somewhere. Panic inevitably sets in. That’s when […]

The Straightest Route To Progress

Selling life insurance door to door was the second most humiliating job in the world. And it was riddled with problems, not the least of which was people who didn’t want to buy. One Spring evening, at the beginning of my career, I set out on a personal sales call. […]

Never Sell & Always Win

I have a giant rock in the middle of my living-room. It nearly touches the walls on each side and extends to the ceiling. I can barely get around it. Hard to believe I didn’t notice it when I bought the place but I have never been one for details. […]

Overcoming the Insurmountable

One cold day, I was on one of my evening runs. I wasn’t too happy about being outside but I’d long ago planted the benefits of exercise deep enough that it mattered, so off I went. I happened upon my neighbor standing outside smoking his cigarette so I stopped to […]

How to Get Motivated

In high school, I wasn’t the greatest athlete but my friend Scott Masengill did ask me to join the Cross Country Team. I thought that was a good idea. Excited, I called my Mom from the pay phone at school; “Hey Mom, guess what?” I said, “I’m gonna run Cross […]

Last Place Isn’t So Bad